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Two-Moon Journey

TWO-MOON JOURNEY is historical fiction, set in 1838. It’s the story of a Simu-quah, an 11 year-old Native American girl who is forced to leave the only home she has ever known. It is the story of her people, the Potawatomi, forced to leave their Twin Lakes homeland in Indiana and marched across four states to Sugar Creek, Kansas. It is the story of my husband’s people. It is the story of my children, who are enrolled on the Potawatomi tribal roll.

The Fall Of The Red Star

Peggy King Anderson is the author of four books for children, including THE FALL OF THE RED STAR, co-authored with Helen Szablya. This book is an exciting account of a young teen's escape from Hungary after the 1956 Revolution. The book won two awards (Washington Press Association Contest Award, and the National Association of Penwomen award, both in the juvenile novel category) THE FALL OF THE RED STAR has also been named to a number of state recommended reading lists. This book was featured on C-Span TV

Safe At Home

Tony never knows what to expect at home. One day his mom is fine, the next, she's sick in bed. Anger toward his absentee father and worry about his little sister compound his anxiety. It takes an accident and a trip to the hospital to shock all involved into coming to grips with his mother's alcoholism. This book touches on many of the confusing signals children get from alcoholic parents. Copyright © 1993 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved. Since his father left, Tony's been struggling to hold his family together. The only place he feels in control is on the baseball diamond. "A smooth integration of baseball and daily life play-by-play, offers a riveting read." Booklist.

A Horse's Tale

A Horse's Tale, has been used in many schools to teach Washington State history. In this book the history of our state is told through the eyes of ten young people, as a wooden horse travels over the period of 100 years. Peggy is one of ten authors whose stories appear in the book. (3rd grade and up)

First Day Blues

First Day Blues, a "Decision is Yours" book, is about Megan's first day at a new school. Will she have any friends? Will she be able to find her way around? This book has 14 different endings as the student reading the book chooses what he or she would do in that situation. (All grades)