Four Calling Birds

It’s the fourth day of Christmas (yes, I do count the 12 days–that’s the only way I get my cards and cookies done during the season.) So today we celebrate four calling birds, and I’m pondering–what are the Four Calling Birds for me for this coming year? In my mind I see a white dove of peace swooping in, and that’s my first calling bird–praying for peace, yes, in our world, and also in my own life.

Second calling bird: That cheerful chickadee who stays through the winter, coming to the bird feeder on our deck, not put off at all by the snow. Yes! He makes me smile, and gives me determination to get through the cold winter days.

Third calling bird. Okay, I’m thinking an eagle. We see them often here in the Northwest, majestic, soaring high over Lake Washington, not put off by the wild winds, but riding them. A good image for me to keep in mind when the tumultuous winds of life blow hard.

Fourth calling bird: A robin. A sign of spring–I know it will come: flowers and sunlight and the joyful chirping of that red-breasted beauty who shows up early, thank goodness, in our backyard cherry tree. Hooray for robins!

How about you? What are your Four Calling Birds? It’s a fun thing to ponder, this fourth day of Christmas.


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