Ideas–Sounds from my Heart

May 26, 2006

As a writer of stories for children, I often have the opportunity to go into classrooms and talk to kids about writing. “Where do you get your ideas?” they all ask. From things that really happen, from my own childhood, from watching you, I tell them. But what I often think about, and usually share, is the Japanese way of saying “Idea.” Two Japanese characters comprise the word, and they translate as A Sound from the Heart.
Ideas. Sounds from the Heart.
I love this!
Any worthwhile idea I share in my writing is a Sound from my Heart. I’ve gotten adept over the years at recognizing these when they pop into my head, like a lightbulb flashing on. But there’s a difference: when the idea is a Sound from my Heart, there’s something that resonates within, like a bell ringing deep inside me.
That’s what I want to share in this blog—some of those sounds from my heart: ideas about writing, about grandchildren, about life. Who knows what sounds from my heart will ring out, if I take this listening-sharing time each week? Twice a week, that’s my goal to start with, to share some sounds from my heart with you–and to listen to the Sounds from your heart that you share back.
Let the Heart-Sounds begin!


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