I received a special picture in the mail yesterday.
Entitled The Cat, it was drawn by my five-year-old grandson Weston, who lives in Santa Fe.

Anything that Weston draws is special.
But this picture has particular significance. Weston created this picture in response to his Daddy, who has already raised over $7000 for DWB (Doctors Without Borders) to help the people of Haiti. Weston’s dad, Eric Keller, mobilized many of the photographic artists he works with, each of whom contributed one of their photographs for a fundraiser for this cause that has torn all our hearts asunder.

When Weston saw his Daddy hard at work on the exhibit, he asked if he could do a picture too. He understood that many people were hurting, and wanted to help. My heart is so touched by my dear Weston, as well as his Dad. Of course, I was honored and delighted to have first opportunity to purchase this one-of-a-kind artistic work.

I encourage you all to look at the many prints offered in this amazing exhibition and fundraiser. http://www.soulcatcherstudio.com/exhibitions/haiti/index.htm
You may find something wonderful to bless your home or place of business, and at the same time help the people of Haiti.

I will smile each time I look at The Cat, framed here in my writing office, and rejoice that so many care enough to reach out in times of need, including one very special five year-old grandson.

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  • Gotta love blue clouds and white sky, too. A true artist. :) Molly

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