Recurring Sounds!

A Sound from My Heart

May 30, 2006

As I write, whether it’s a short story for my Pockets series, or a chapter for my current novel, Two Moon Journey, I find recurring themes weaving in and out, some big, some small. (My writing group accuses me of putting chocolate chip cookies in almost every story I write, something I need to ponder perhaps!) But I’m getting at something a bit deeper here. Like forgiveness. When all is said and done, my characters seem to struggle with this–the need to forgive or be forgiven. Whether it’s 8 year old Sammy who’s just shouted away her best friend Pete (whose duck Drabble has just eaten her slug collection) or 12 year old Simu-quah whose hatred for the Red-Bearded soldier holding her father prisoner propels her into a dangerous encounter by the jail wagon, my stories seem to echo and re-echo with the need for forgiveness.

And so it is in my own life–this is a sound that rings true in my heart. Every day I’m in need of forgiving or being forgiven–usually both.

Often enough, it’s in my writing that I work out my own forgiveness struggles. Sometimes this takes a long time and lots of prayer.

Sometimes it’s accomplished with as little a gesture as offering someone a chocolate chip cookie.


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