Santa Fe Musings

Wow! I’m not doing so well with this blogging thing, despite all my good intentions. But here we go again. I’m just back from a wonderful 11 day visit with my daughter and son-in-law in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and with my exceedingly brilliant 2 1/2 year-old grandson, Weston.

I know all grandmas think their grandkids are brilliant, but this child is not only speaking like an adult, he’s also pondering life in a way most 2 year-olds don’t do. I think he’s going to be a writer!

Just one small example (which I will use somewhere in a story, I know.)Weston was sitting in his high chair, eating raspberries and staring thoughtfully into space. After a few moments of silence he said, “Mommy, do bunnies have fur so they won’t get sunburned?”

I smiled, thinking ah! If only we were furred, I wouldn’t need to lather on all that sunblock I was using in that lovely Santa Fe sunshine. But what if we were furred? All different sorts of colors and textures?

I found myself pondering all sorts of story ideas while with Weston–his way of perceiving life delights me. He loves to talk about and draw “plicky fish,” his own invention as far as I know. We had lots of discussions about plicky fish, and I must say the world would be empty without them, now that I have seen them through Weston’s eyes. According to his most recent picture, they have brilliant blue eyes, a generous mouth that extends the width of their body, and two delightully designed orange fins to keep their balance. Plicky fish have great adventures too.

I can hardly wait until Weston writes about them.

In the meantime, here I am back from Santa Fe, with my next Pockets deadline staring me in the face. As I sit down to begin, I pray to bring to my writing just a touch of Weston’s joyful and creative insight.

And who knows? Maybe even a plicky fish or two.


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