The Write Weather

June 26, 2006

It’s hot, hot, hot outside, but I am comfortably cool! I’m downstairs, hunkered next to the computer, with the tiniest breeze wafting through my office window. It’s the right time to write! Okay, I admit it, when our young adult son zoomed by an hour ago to pick up his swim shorts and head for the lake, a little bit of me thought “Why write today? Why not play?” But my Pockets deadline is looming (next Monday-yikes!) and I yearn to get back to working on my book as well. That means hot or cold, this is the Write Weather.

Apply seat to chair and write. Okay, the first draft may not be brilliant. But by golly, by the time I get up this afternoon, the draft will be written. And my side benefit will be, no sunburn.

That said, I’ll admit, sometimes in the summer I take my printed-out story draft with me, head for my favorite park, and rewrite at a picnic table. Hmm, sounds like a good plan for tomorrow. I’ll bet I can find a nice shady table, with a bit of breeze off the lake. It will be just the Write Weather, I’m sure!


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