Two-Moon Journey, Coming Up Soon

Okay, so I know not all the world will see it, but I am eager for lots of folks to meet 11 year-old Simu-quah, Kinosha her cousin, and all the family.

It’s a hard journey they are on, forced to leave their beautiful Twin Lakes village and march across 4 states to a new home they never wanted.

But Simu-quah faces this with courage, and yes, with anger, too. Furious at the Red-bearded soldier who holds her father-chief captive in the jail wagon with the other chiefs, so that all of the tribe, all of the Potawatomi will follow.

She is determined to free her father and the other chiefs, determined that they will then return to their homeland.


And all along this two-moon journey, she has a recurring dream, a dream that she is a kernel of corn, being crushed with the other kernels in a giant mortar, with a pestle. .

Her grandmother and their beloved Father Petit both tell her, she has something hard to do for her people and she will know what it is when the time comes.

Then comes a time of the journey when Simu-quah faces a life and death decision. It is the middle of the night, and she has  a choice. If she chooses one way, the man she hates will die, and deservingly so.

The vision of the corn, two stars in a night sky, and a bedraggled puppy, unexpectedly saved from a raging river, all figure in the decision Simu-quah makes.


Have I tantalized you to want to read the book?  I hope so!

I’ll be keeping you posted about when it will be available at your local bookstores and through Amazon.


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