Walking in the Rain

The last day of September–how did that happen? It’s pouring rain here in Seattle–so nicely seasonal, I have to smile. My grandson Jordan (age 9) and I just walked down our hill and back up with umbrellas and lots of good cheer. I’m guessing not too many folks would be wildly excited about an hour-long steep hike at 9 AM on a rainy Sunday morning, even if the reward was breakfast at McDonald’s. (or maybe, especially not if!)

But if you’re nine, and you’re full of Sunday morning energy, and you love McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin, and if you’re celebrating your birthday with your Grandma who is almost as joyful as you are, well then, that gives a whole new light to it.

So Jordan and I discovered together the great satisfaction of feeling cold rain water in our shoes as we walked not around, but in the little streams coursing down our hill. We laughed together as our umbrellas turned inside out in the wind. We made silly rhymes as cars splashed us in their hurry to get to where they were going.

And we plunked ourselves down, warm and cozy at McDonald’s, right at the foot of our hill, and enjoyed our well-earned, not-so-healthy breakfast. After all, on birthdays, especially cold and drizzly ones, we get to do things like that.

As the rainy days of fall and winter set in, it’s a good thing to remember–how many unexpected joys can we find, if we just keep that nine year-old kid outlook?

I plan to remember this as I hunker down at the computer these next few gray and rainy months to write. But of course, I’ll walk in the rain as well. You never know what new adventure might be waiting out there!

I’ll keep you posted!


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