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Peggy King Anderson is an award winning author, professional manuscript editor, and public speaker.  For more than twenty years, Peggy has taught creative writing in community colleges and at writers conferences. As a contract instructor, she also teaches creative writing to students in kindergarten through high school.

Manuscript Editing

A writing coach for over thirty years, Peggy has helped dozens of writers in the revision process. She will be glad to provide you with names of published authors she has helped along on the journey.

A Sound from My Heart

Inspiration, insight, and writing advice from award winning author, Peggy King Anderson

Two-Moon Journey, Making a Debut!

It’s happening, it’s really happening. My dear and precious book will be in the bookstores very soon. And I truly believe, if you read it, you will love it, or at least, you will find a part of your deep self touched and changed by the time the book ends.            […]
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Two-Moon Journey, Coming Up Soon

Okay, so I know not all the world will see it, but I am eager for lots of folks to meet 11 year-old Simu-quah, Kinosha her cousin, and all the family. It’s a hard journey they are on, forced to leave their beautiful Twin Lakes village and march across 4 states to a new home they never wanted.
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Writing in the San Juans: A New Start

Here I am in Friday Harbor, with 5 of my favorite friends: Judy Bodmer,Nancy White Carlstrom, Katherine Grace Bond, Janet Lee Carey, and Dawn Knight. Together we are mighty: the Diviners Writing Group. Each week on Tuesdays, we meet for an afternoon of reading and critiquing each other’s work.
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