The Corn of Forgiveness


Those of you who’ve read TWO-MOON JOURNEY know that the 13 ears of corn Simu-quah brings with her on their forced journey becomes truly significant for 3 reasons. Hint: One of those reasons has to do with a Native-American tradition that has mentions the Corn of Forgiveness. At my Book Launch party, each family got to take home kernels of the yellow/white corn of forgiveness to plant. Now those corn plants are growing! This past Sunday one of our dear friends from church told me they just picked several ears of their corn, and cooked some for dinner. “The corn was tender and sweet,” he said. I cried a few happy tears. Yes! The Corn of Forgiveness is tender and sweet. May we all experience that in our lives. (Pictures: 1) my grandson Josh’s corn, still growing, but with a tiny ear visible at the top.2) The corn earrings given me by my Navajo friend, Red Hawk and his niece Millie on our Potawatomi Commemorative Caravan


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