Writing in the San Juans: A New Start

Here I am in Friday Harbor, with 5 of my favorite friends: Judy Bodmer,Nancy White Carlstrom, Katherine Grace Bond, Janet Lee Carey, and Dawn Knight. Together we are mighty: the Diviners Writing Group. Each week on Tuesdays, we meet for an afternoon of reading and critiquing each other’s work. We laugh together, cry together, and turn out some pretty amazing stories and books. Just click on their websites, to see how true this is! And each year, sometime in September, we meet here in the San Juans for an intense 5 days of writing, walking, eating and sharing together. Each year we go home from this retreat with new stories and books begun, and stalled out books rejuvenated. Plus, we see whales, deer, amazing sunsets, and best of all–the goodness and creativity in each other. If I could give every writer a gift, it would be this blessing of the San Juans, and this amazing writing group.


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  • I am loving this time with you all! The retreat is a highlight of my year. I feel so blessed.
  • What a blessing to spend time with all of you.

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