Heading for Mazatlan

Okay, so I know I said I wasn’t going on so many trips this year, that I was staying here at home in rainy Seattle and write, write, writing. And I have been, for the last two months, faithfully plugging away on Finding Nonna, like I committed to in this very blog. I’m actually starting to get excited again, researching snow geese, and Alzheimer’s Disease (both in the book) and having fun getting to know Ellie and Nonna all over again. I’m up to Chapter six, reworking as I go.

But now I have a chance to go to Mazatlan–warm sunny Mazatlan with my Deb, her husband Eric and our 3 year-old Weston, the brilliant kid I’ve told you about, who last week, sitting in the tub, saying “Bam, Bang, Crash” as he played, called out to his mom–“Mommy, is ‘bam’ onomatopoeia?” Oh yes, I need to invite this 3 year-old grandson of mine in to do a class for my writing students!

But in the meantime, I’m heading for Mazatlan with them this Monday, and will be doing most of this week’s writing on the beach. I do have a laptop, but often on vacation I just take my notebook and pen–and am surprised at the new and exciting plot twists my stories take when I make this occasional switch in my writing mode.

It’s a perfect time for a fresh take, too–I’ve just gotten to the part of the book where I’m getting a bit tangled. Which way to go? What happens next? How do I get to this beautifully plotted end I already have in mind for this book?

I’m betting a week in the balmy sunshine and tropical breezes of Mazatlan will break open some brand new possibilities for Ellie and Nonna, and Bela the Snow Goose.

So now I’m off to pack–a hat, some sunblock, my writing notebook and pen. I’ll keep you posted when I get back, on how it all went. In the meantime, I wish you all a creative vacation of your own, whether it’s Hawaii, Mazatlan, or your own backyard deck. Any change of pace or place brings new life to our hungering creative souls.

So this week, create that space and enjoy!


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