A Party to Remember

October 13, 2006

Wow! Last night at Parkplace Books was an evening to remember. Over 150 of you attended–the store was packed! Sandor Boldishar brought his homemade sausage sandwiches (Seattle Times featured him yesterday, holding up a rack of his freshly made sausages.) He and his wife Christine brought trays of Beigli as well, a delicious Hungarian pastry. We all feasted while we listened to Orvan Laszlo playing violin, with Sue Iceley’s amazing Dance Troupe performing traditional Hungarian dances from different regions.

We had a surprise appearance of the Carpathian Quartet, just arrived here in the states from Hungary, and eager to give us a taste of their music before their concert tonight.

Food and live Hungarian music and dancing–what a celebration. Helen Szablya, who co-wrote The Fall of the Red Star with me, retold the story of her family’s escape in 1956, and I had an opportunity to share some of my experience in writing the book, as well as reading Chapter 20–the first attempt to escape in an old convoy truck.

We had prayed this would be an evening for the community to come together in joyful celebration of faith and freedom, and it was everything we could imagine. We laughed and cried together, heard many sharings of different escape experiences, from the many Hungarian-Americans who joined us. Everyone left Parkplace Books with their heart at least a little bit warmer than it was when they came in.

I smile today, remembering–so many sounds echoing in my heart from last night.


  • This sounds like a wonderful party! I wish I could have been there to hear the music and see the dancing.
  • Must have been a great time! I wish you keep those moments with you for long!

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