Tell Me A Secret

We all love secrets, right? The excitement of having a good secret, wanting to share it with someone we trust–and the fun of discovering a secret as well.

Well now the Secret is out, and it’s Holly Cupala’s wonderful new book, TELL ME A SECRET. To find out all about it, take a look at this amazing trailer:

I have the joy and honor of being in Holly’s writing group, the Diviners, and smile as I think of all the little secrets from this amazing book that I got to learn along the way, as Holly shared chapters with us in writing group.

Now the Secret goes out to the world! I can hardly wait for all of you to join me in acclaiming Holly, as you meet and come to love Rand in this wonderful new book.

Once you read the book, you won’t be able to resist sharing the Secret.


  • Wow, you did it, Peggy! Thank you so much, my dear friend and teacher and sister, who has so much to do with this book in ways seen and unseen. Love you!
  • Thanks for sharing Peggy. I can't wait to read Holly's debut novel. Its on my to-read list.


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