Two Moon Journey, Coming Soon!

This is an exciting year, writing-wise.  My historical fiction book, TWO MOON JOURNEY, is now under contract with IHS (Indiana Historical Society) Press, and will be coming out within the next year. I will keep you posted about this, a book that is dear to my heart.

In the meantime, I continue to take great joy in “Tree Frog Trail,” my ongoing fiction series for Pockets Magazine.  With my four wonderful story characters, Marcos, Nate, Callie and Zoe, we wind up having adventures of every kind, including a game of piglet soccer in Paraguay!  (You’ll have to read the upcoming July issue of Pockets to read about that one!)

So here I sit, at my laptop, delighting in this wonderful writing life, even as I struggle to figure out a workable and fun ending to my October story. (Yes! We work 6 months ahead for a magazine fiction series, sometimes more.)

Writing is a journey, just like my upcoming book, and I am glad to be on it!


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