Two-Moon Journey, Making a Debut!

It’s happening, it’s really happening. My dear and precious book will be in the bookstores very soon. And I truly believe, if you read it, you will love it, or at least, you will find a part of your deep self touched and changed by the time the book ends.                                                                                          

Eleven-year-old Simu-quah, as real to me as one of my children, travels her hard journey for two months–two moons–and she and all her people are forever changed by what the cruel soldier Crider does to her father, and to the other chiefs imprisoned in the jail wagon, as all her people are forced to leave their Twin Lakes homeland.

But that is not all that happens! There is a strange dream, of corn being crushed in a mortar, and Simu-quah is both the Watcher, and the corn being crushed.  And she knows that this dream is a prophecy, and that there is something she must do to save her people.

But what? That is what you must read the book to find out.  Also in this dear book: the puppy Nemosh, and an unexpected rescue from a raging river,  a dark and stormy night and a terrible accident in a cave-hole in Missouri, and a heart-wrenching decision that Simu-quah must make, that will mean the difference between life and death.

And this entire book, Two-Moon Journey, is historically grounded in 3 real diaries from 1838, detailing the actual events of the Trail of Death, as the Potawatomi people call this forced two-moon Journey.

I can’t wait for you to read it!

The cover of my book is a painting by George Winter, who actually painted the Potawatomi in the 1830’s.  This particular painting was is of the Wabash River, one of the places the Potawatomi camped on their forced journey.  



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