On my Way to Santa Fe

I’m so glad that writing opportunities come in bursts at unexpected moments.
I’m on my way to Santa Fe for an 8 day catch-up with my four-year old grandson Weston — the one who knows the meaning of onomatopoeia. (Okay, look it up, it’s a fun word all writers should know!) Weston is my soul mate–loves words and reading, and I expect will soon be writing his own stories. (His mom told me he did his first crossword puzzle last week!

So all that is to say–here I am, barely re-entering from my amazing pilgrimage to Egypt, Israel, Greece and Turkey, and I’m off again–with all my Writer Antennae fully extended, smiling as I watch for the story ideas that will be popping all around me.

When I get back, I promise to continue with those joyful and intriguing bursts of insight from my Holy Land trip–and I know I’ll have some zaps of insight and writing delight from my Weston, and the Santa Fe trip too.

Until then, may you all have joyful and provoking experiences of life.


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