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Peggy King Anderson

Peggy King Anderson is currently marketing two recently completed novels: Two Moon Journey and Finding Nonna. You can find out more about these two books by going to Peggy’s Books page. Her book, The Fall of the Red Star (co-author, Helen Szablya) was featured on Children's Book TV. In addition to The Fall of the Red Star, Peggy is the author or contributor to four other published books for children. (Safe At Home, First Day Blues, Coming Home, and A Horse's Tale.)

Author, Speaker, Professional Grandmother

Peggy lives in Kirkland, WA and when she's not writing you can find her counting turtles at her favorite park or roller skating with her grand children.


Peggy frequently writes for children's magazines. Her story, "The Long March," about the 1838 Potawatomi Trail of Death (forced Indian removal to the west) appeared in Highlights for Children in the fall of 2002. Her story "Scaredy Cat" ( a story dealing with children's fears in the aftermath of 9/11) is currently online on Pockets Magazine website, She has taught creative writing to adults for over twenty years both in community college classes and at writing conferences. She is sometimes accused of being a cheerleader in her workshops, but then, that's not all bad!

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